Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Phil Alvin 1986 Un 'Sung' Stories

Genre: Blues
Rate: 128 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:33:17
Size: 30,48 MB

United States

Review by Mark Deming

Songwriter and guitarist Dave Alvin was the heart of the Blasters, one of America's greatest roots rock bands, but his brother, vocalist Phil Alvin, was the soul of the group, and anyone who wants a crash course on the importance of Phil's contribution to that fine band ought to check out his first solo album, Un "Sung Stories".

Here, Phil tackles ten vintage blues, jazz, and gospel tunes, sometimes accompanied a small combo (or just Phil's rudimentary guitar), while on other cuts Alvin is joined by Sun Ra and his Arkestra and the Dirty Dozen Brass Band, each of whom swing up a storm in their own truly individual ways. While the sound and approach of this set is a far cry from the Blasters potent take on America's musical history, Alvin's vocals ring out with a palpable joy, and he makes these musical museum pieces live and breathe like they were written last week; this album truly carries the spirit of the Blasters' wide-spectrum approach to American music into a very different direction.

And while Phil may not have his brother's songwriting chops, you can't say that a man who would ask Sun Ra to arrange "The Old Man of the Mountain" and "Brother, Can You Spare a Dime" and then have the courage to take the lead vocal on the same is lacking in the way of a unique personal vision. Short and sweet, Un "Sung Stories" is a true gem that's richly felt in a way a collection of "old standards" is not expected to be.


01 - Someone Stole Gabriel's Horn 03:16

02 - Next Week Sometime 02:31

03 - The Ballad Of Smokey Joe 04:38

04 - Death In The Morning 02:51

05 - The Old Man Of The Mountain 02:26

06 - Daddy Rollin' Stone 03:33

07 - Titanic Blues 03:05

08 - Brother, Can You Spare A Dime 04:07

09 - Collins Cave 03:47

10 - Gangster's Blues 03:03

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Bluesaholics 2002 X - Best Of 10 Years & Live At Fricks Monti

Genre: Blues
Rate: 269 kbps VBR / 44100
Time: 02:09:01
Size: 248,79 MB




01 - Again & Again 03:37

02 - Pissoir 04:11

03 - Strange Pictures 04:41

04 - Place In Your Heart 05:20

05 - Leos Beiz 04:09

06 - Träne I Mim Härz 03:56

07 - Give Your Love 03:15

08 - Oh Jeh Minee 02:26

09 - I'm Still Here 04:26

10 - Foggy Morning 04:38

11 - Fool Moon Boogie 02:49

12 - Lass Mi Nid Elei 04:36

13 - Storm 04:34

14 - Go Your Way 03:45

15 - Gib Nid Uuf 03:51


01 - Cry Out The Blues 03:25

02 - Hard To Be 04:29

03 - King Of The Blues 04:23

04 - Förigi Flöckli 05:11

05 - Get Back 03:15

06 - She Loves My Automobile 02:24

07 - Need Your Love So Bad 07:05

08 - Boiled Rabbit 03:32

09 - I Feel Lucky 03:41

10 - Can't Get You 04:06

11 - You Move Everyday 05:08

12 - Juniors Wailing 03:19

13 - Standing At The Crossroad 03:49

14 - Will The Circle 05:57

15 - Crawling In The City 09:03

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The Incredible Blues Puppies 2005 Puppy Fat

Genre: Blues
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:33:39
Size: 77,03 MB

United Kingdom

The Incredible Blues Puppies is a name (and what a great name) that may be new to a lot of people but the guys who make up the Puppies should be very familiar with a celebrated musical pedigree. Alan Glen, vox, guitar and harmonica will be familiar from his work with the Yardbirds, Nine Below Zero, Little Axe and the Barcodes to name but a few. Jim Mercer, vox and bass, has been with Paul Lamb & the Kingsnakes, the Muddy Waters Band and Pinetop Perkins, Dino Coccia, drums, has playing credits galore including Larry Garner, James Carr, Tutu Jones and, of course, the Barcodes whilst John O’Reilly, vox & guitar, leads the Blues Engineers and has played with, amongst others, Big Town Playboys and Sugar Blue.

Puppy Fat is, in my opinion, a really cracking debut CD from a grouping which really works so well featuring, as it does, two excellent but very contrasting guitar styles from Alan and John plus three vocalists. Variety is the key word with some superb covers such as the excellent “T Bone Jumps Again”, a wonderful version of Taj Mahal’s “Good Morning Miss Brown”, Jim Mercer’s lovely arrangement of the Fred McDowell track, “61 Highway”, G L Crockett’s “Man Down There”, one of several tracks which features one of the CD’s two producers, Roger Cotton with some lovely Hammond, Rosco Gordon’s “Just A Little Bit” and Kim Wilson’s “Walking My Baby”.

There is also a handful of original material ranging from the angst laden and very wry Dino Coccia composition “Angle of Dissent” through a wonderful instrumental which is also the title track (“Puppy Fat”) credited to all four band members a Jim Mercer arrangement of another Dino Coccia song “7 Years Too Late”, a song about the aftermath of scratching the seven year itch and the rocking and oh so catchy opener, “Another Kind Of Love”, which is credited to Glen/Greaves/O’Neill/Giddings/McAvoy.

The CD has a great range of material, all of which should please Blues lovers of all creeds and genres and really makes wonderful listening. Alan plays some superb harmonica and both his & John’s guitar work is great to listen to and most enjoyable. John’s guitar is contrasting but every bit as enjoyable whilst Jim & Dino make every track live with their spot on rhythms. Other guests include fellow Barcoder Bob Haddrell on vocals and Wurlitzer and Dave Briggs who guests on vocals and guitar. The overall result is a CD which should find a place in everyone’s collection and certainly makes me very keen to catch this talented combo live before too long. (Ashwyn Smyth)


01 - Another Kinda Love 03:30

02 - Good Morning Miss Brown 03:17

03 - Puppy Fat 03:24

04 - Angle Of Dissent 03:44

05 - Man Down There 03:04

06 - T Bone Jumps Again 02:40

07 - 61 Highway 04:51

08 - Just A Little Bit 02:56

09 - Walking To My Baby 02:33

10 - 7 Years Too Late 03:40

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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Eric Clapton 2006 The Saint Louis Blues - 1974-07-25

Genre: Blues
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 01:25:34
Size: 195,74 MB

United Kingdom


01 - Smile 05:08

02 - Can't Find My Way Home 05:10

03 - I Shot The Sheriff 08:56

04 - You Don't Love Me 10:44

05 - Badge 09:11

06 - Tell The Truth 12:39

01 - Willie And The Hand Jive 08:20

02 - Get Ready (False Start) 01:17

03 - Get Ready 11:30

04 - Layla 12:39

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Ten Years After 1973 Recorded Live (LL)

Genre: Blues-Rock
Rate: 251 kbps VBR / 44100 from lossless source!
Time: 02:34:01
Size: 271,93 MB

United Kingdom

Review by Stephen Thomas Erlewine

The cover of Ten Years After's 1973 album Recorded Live depicts a giant reel-to-reel recorder, which certainly captures the era when this double-LP set was recorded. Approaching the end of their run -- only one more album would come, 1974's Positive Vibrations -- Ten Years After were deep into the thick of '70s arena rock, so everything they played on-stage wound up stretching well beyond the five-minute mark, sometimes reaching upward of 11 minutes. Everything on this double-LP places improvisation over groove -- a sentiment that is accentuated on the 2013 expansion, which winds up running 21 tracks over two discs, adding bonus outtakes to the original double-LP set.

The best parts here are the improvisations, particularly Alvin Lee's long, languid guitar solos, but this album -- either in its original incarnation or in its expansion -- is a distinctly '70s creation: it's unhurried and indulgent, reveling in its slow, steady march to a virtuosic, never-ending guitar solo.



01 - One Of These Days 06:27

02 - You Give Me Loving 06:02

03 - Good Morning Little Schoolgirl 07:27

04 - The Hobbit 08:36

05 - Help Me 11:03

06 - Time Is Flying 05:36

07 - Standing At The Station 11:51

08 - Jam 18:09


01 - Help Me 12:06

02 - I Woke Up These Morning 04:26

03 - Sweet Little Sixteen 04:24

04 - Jam 16:31

05 - Classical Thing 00:53

06 - Seat Thing 00:57

07 - I Can't Keep From Crying Sometimes (Part 1) 01:57

08 - Extension On One Chord 10:46

09 - I Can't Keep From Crying Sometimes (Part 2) 03:12

10 - Silly Thing 01:09

11 - Slow Blues In C 08:14

12 - I'm Going Home 10:54

13 - Choo Choo Mama 03:21

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B. B. King 1971 Live In Japan

Genre: Blues
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 01:16:44
Size: 175,57 MB

United States


Recorded at Tokyo's Sankei Hall during a 7:00 p.m. show on March 4 and a 2:00 a.m. "Midnight Jam" on March 7, B. B. and band are obviously revealing in the Japanese's rapturous response to their music. There is a raucous joyousness in this recording that is utterly contagious. The fact that the group is playing new material (for them) like Leon Russell's "Hummingbird" (from the "Indianola Mississippi Seeds" album and the only live B. B. recording of the tune) and is captured in a series of rare recorded jams ("Hikari 88" is the bullet train the band took from Nagoya to Tokyo) probably has something to do with the feeling of exuberance that permeates this disc. But when comparing this live show to the acknowledged classic "Cook County" one taped less than 6 months before with essentially the same band, it's quite clear that, not surprisingly, the Japanese experience added a decidedly different edge to this well-oiled blues machine, making this initial release outside of Japan of this live recording long-overdue and highly valuable, even compared to the numerous great live albums by The King Of The Blues already available.

Perhaps the best way to describe the special feeling on this set is that it reflects the joy of discovery - by the artist and band of an audience and by the audience of great music and a great musician. B. B. did eight shows for Japanese audiences during the tour and another nine at U. S. Army bases. The audiences' response was uniformly remarkable, with a hundred or so fans rushing onto the stage to dance during an afternoon show in Osaka, and B. B. generally being treated like visiting royalty.


01 - Every Day I Have The Blues 02:10

02 - How Blue Can You Get 05:18

03 - Eyesight To The Blind 04:04

04 - Niji Baby 06:28

05 - You're Still My Woman 05:57

06 - Chains And Things 05:42

07 - Sweet Sixteen 06:01

08 - Hummingbird 04:09

09 - Darlin' You Know I Love You 04:26

10 - Japanese Boogie 09:18

11 - Jamming At Sankei Hall 09:36

12 - The Thrill Is Gone 05:37

13 - Hikari #88 07:58

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Monday, February 20, 2017

Foreday Riders Blues Band 1969 Foreday Riders Blues Band

Genre: Blues
Rate: 128 kbps CBR / 48000
Time: 00:51:28
Size: 47,16 MB



01 - When I Die 03:23

02 - Dreaming Rent 04:10

03 - Wind Blues 03:27

04 - Cocaine Blues 04:48

05 - Survival Blues 02:17

06 - Can't Trust Nobody 02:11

07 - I've Got To Get To My Baby 04:39

08 - Here And Now 07:39

09 - Tomorrow 07:37

10 - Thunderstorm 11:17

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Bowling Green John Cephas & Harmonica Phil Wiggins 1986 Dog Days Of August

Genre: Blues
Rate: 256 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:41:16
Size: 75,55 MB

United States

This release by the acclaimed Piedmont blues duo of "Bowling Green" John Cephas and "Harmonica" Phil Wiggins really put them on the map. Recorded entirely in the living room of Cephas's self-built house in rural Virginia, the selections on this album were all laid down in a single night, with no overdubs whatsoever.

From the haunting dirge of Skip James' "Hard Time Killing Floor" to the rousing sing-a-long spirit of "Roberta," this release has graced my stereo well over a hundred times, and I never tire of it. "John Henry" is a favorite, the classic traditional given almost best-ever treatment, and "Stagger Lee" comes in close behind. Other recommended cuts are the title cut, "Reno Factory," and "Cherryball" -- also penned by James.

Cephas, with his honey-cured baritone, has a singularly beautiful voice -- rich and expressive with lots of soul, and his guitar picking -- the distinctive thumb-and-forefinger picking of the Piedmont tradition, is heralded around the world. (Taylor guitars put him on the cover of their catalog in 1997.)

Wiggins is an incredibly fleet and dexterous harmonica player, providing near perfect counterpoint to Cephas's playing and singing, and will leave many fellow harmonica players gasping at his weaves and runs. (a customer)


01 - Reno Factory 04:20

02 - Cherryball 05:27

03 - Dog Days Of August 05:13

04 - Staggerlee 06:19

05 - Hard Time Killing Floor Blues 05:17

06 - John Henry 05:40

07 - I Saw The Light 04:11

08 - Roberta 04:49

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Sunday, February 19, 2017

Grinderswitch 1977 Live At Atlantis In Atlanta Georgia (LL)

Genre: Southern Rock
Rate: 300 kbps VBR / 44100 from lossless source!
Time: 00:54:12
Size: 112,74 MB

United States

Record company promo cassette.


01 - Redwing 05:31

02 - You And Me 03:05

03 - Watermelon Time In Georgia 02:53

04 - That Special Woman 02:48

05 - Kiss The Blues Goodbye 11:36

06 - You Gonna Miss Me When I'm Gone 13:59

07 - Taste Of Love 14:20

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Dieter Kropp & The Fabulous Barbecue Boys 2005 Herzensbrecher (LL)

Genre: Blues
Rate: 261 kbps VBR / 44100 from lossless source!
Time: 00:42:50
Size: 80,08 MB


Dieter Kropp ist witzig, virtuos, authentisch. Der Blues Harp - Spieler, Sänger und Entertainer aus dem Westfälischen legt mit seinem deutschsprachigen Album "Herzensbrecher" ein großartiges Werk jenseits enger stilistischer Schubladen vor: Die selbstironischen Texte der CD kombiniert Kropp mit Rock 'n' Roll, Blues, Country & Rockabilly vom Feinsten. (


01 - Elvis-Autogramm 02:18

02 - Herzensbrecher 02:35

03 - Bouletten, Bier Und Blues 03:08

04 - Anspruchsvoll 04:13

05 - Straßenköter 03:06

06 - Sittich 03:29

07 - Enge Buxen 02:22

08 - Härte Zehn 02:29

09 - Mister Blues 02:51

10 - Mein Kleines Girl 02:43

11 - Du Raubst Mir All Meine Sinne 02:52

12 - Gut,Dass Wir Darüber Gesprochen Haben 03:30

13 - Hömma Hol Polizei 03:01

14 - Springinsfeld 04:13

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